Monday, May 21, 2018

Danny August, motorcycle accident

This morning, Danny August--new member at Harvest Fellowship--hit a
sandy spot and lost control of his motorcycle, breaking his jaw, a few
teeth, and getting a gash on the head. He is doing well, all things
considered, and giving praise to God for being with Him--it could have
been so much worse. After being checked at the Clarinda Hospital, he is
now en-route to Nebraska Medical Center where he will have surgery upon
his jaw. Let's keep him in our prayers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

2018 Faith & Family Day with Michael W Smith & Scott Dawson

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Kauffman Stadium - Kansas City, MO

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Pray for our churches in Hawaii

Volcanic interruptions and over 100 earthquakes in the last 24 hours,
are jeopardizing the safety and properties of our churches and fellow
believers in Hawaii... keep them in your prayers

Read the dramatic details here:


Jon Brenneman in Russia

Keep Jon in your prayers as he is ministering in Russia (back home May
16). Below is an email received today, Saturday, May 5

Hi Pastor Scott!

Maybe you can pass on to everyone at church tomorrow that I am safe and
sound in Kirov with Natosha and her family. I just got up and did not
know what time it was, but it is 12:30 pm. I got into Kirov on the train
about 2 am Saturday morning. This is about 18 hours later then expected
because in Chicago the plane for London had mechanical difficulities.

They put us on another plane and then the weather became very bad and we
had to get back off that one, Then some of the plane attendants plus the
pilot had expired on their time and we had to find a new staff to fly
us. There was about 250 of us being delayed to London and I was blessed
with a great group of people who were very gracious to all that was
going on over all. We were to leave Chicago around 5 pm on Wednesday for
London and we finally left OHare at 1 am Thursday morning. All the other
connections were rescheduled in London and all went fine .

From 10:45 am Tuesday morning when I left for the airport at KC until
now, I would describe my trip as very relaxing and full of God's peace
because I was able to draw near to the Lord and was able to begin to
read the two books I wanted to read by Dr. David Jermiah. They are
ESCAPE THE COMING NIGHT on the book of Revelation and A LIFE BEYOND
AMAZING on the fruit of the Spirit. Another reason I love coming to
Russia is that I feel my face pace slows down and I am free to enjoy the
Lord more and those whom I love here in Russia. Again my thoughts and
prayers continue on for you and for the whole congregation and I thank
you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers for me and my
trip---They are being answered wonderfully beyond what I expected.--Even
my luggage was waiting for me when I got to the baggage claim area in
Moscow and did not have to wait to get it as the suitcases of others was
coming in on the big conveyer belt.

A verse for today for all of us is Isaiah 26:3 "He will keep you in
perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusteth in you."
Have a great day with Him!

Brother Jon <><

P.S. Lena will becoming over to pick me up here in Kirov tonight at 7
p.m. So it is great to spend a day with Natosha here in Kirov with her
family. This is the Natosha who helped me so much with the Letter of

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Urgent need for Children's Camp staffing

I am writing tonight to alert you to several areas of need at both
children's camp and family camp.

Registrations have been coming in for children's camp and for that we
are very grateful. We appreciate all who have promoted camp and
encouraged children to attend. If you still have kids who are camp age,
it's not too late for them to register for our 2018 children's camp. The
need we have, though, is for additional staff – especially men who could
serve as counselors and mature teen boys who could serve as assistant
counselors. If you know of anyone who could come and help on our camp
staff, please encourage them to send in a staff application form as
quickly as possible.

The meal situation at Family Camp is shaping up nicely. We now have
three individuals who will serve as our cooking committee. They will
plan all of the meals and purchase all of the supplies. However, we are
in need to church groups who would be willing to work under the
supervision of our three cooks to prepare, serve and clean-up after the
meals. Last year we had five of our churches who each took
responsibility for planning and preparing one day's worth of meals. It
worked fairly well, and the meals were great. However, most felt that
the system needed to be revised. With our new system, no one will have
to come up with meal plans, pay for the food items or figure out how to
use a commercial kitchen. All we need are groups of about 6 people who
will agree to work in the kitchen for 2-3 meals during the week of camp.
We already have 2 churches who have agreed to help, but we need several
more. Would your church be willing to accept this responsibility
sometime during the six days of camp? If so, please notify me as soon as
possible so that we can create a schedule and pass it along to the
cooking committee.

Camping ministries are so beneficial to the spiritual welfare of our
district. However, those ministries will be severely limited without the
help and cooperation of the churches in our district. Please prayerfully
consider these needs and then let me know how your church can help.

Dave Miller

Monday, April 16, 2018

2018 Youth Camp

Early registration for Youth Camp is quickly approaching. May 2nd marks the deadline to receive the early registration rate of $75. Included with this email you will find a link to a 2 minute youtube video.  

Because youth camp is slightly different this year we wanted to send a video to all churches. Hopefully, this video will better explain and envision everyone the scope of youth camp.

We want to emphasize, while this year there will be some service projects in our community, the service projects are not the sum goal of camp. We are taking the approach that we will teach the youth and then apply what they have been taught.
Please share this email and link to the youtube video with your Youth Directors, Pastors, and Leaders.  
We look forward to seeing everyone on June 7-9

Be He Lives,
Ben Roed


YouTube Link:

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Larry Secor update

Larry writes:

"Family and friends: Some of you may have previously heard that I was diagnosed with a rather aggressive lymphoma cancer in the throat. After numerous tests this week, today we received the official diagnosis that the cancer is limited to the throat area. We give praise to the Lord that it had not spread. Due to it's aggressive nature, the doctor is immediately proceeding with chemotherapy treatments beginning Monday and Tuesday (16-17th). Further treatments will be scheduled after that. We sincerely appreciate the many expressions from those who've been praying and appreciate your continued prayers. We praise the Lord for the deep peace and joy that He's given us through this process. God is good, and His grace is sufficient!"