Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mike Boeh, blood cancer

Mike Boeh has a unique form of blood cancer. Some treatments applied by tests continue

Prayer for healing

Health concerns

Deb Balwin's sister Becky has colon cancer and is having surgery this Friday to remove the tumor

Larry Jones, cancer. Has been doing relatively well, though he has felt poorly these last few days. His pain is well managed and that's a great relief. Tests continue but prognosis uncertain

Norm Blaisdell has a number of health issues, with heart and mobility. Now he has thyroid issues and has pneumonia. He's praying and trying to stay positive. Tests continue.

Ethan McIntyre is having an MRI done on his hip. He's been in a lot of pain. Not sure how it was injured.

Let's keep all these in our prayers, trusting God to heal and encourage

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Norm Blaisdell update

"Add one or two more to my list of problems. Pneumonia and thyroid problems will have ct scans on Monday to check more. Feel pretty tired at times and doing what I can. Eating a little better but not good enough. Have prayed more, For me, this remains safe and enjoy the nursing staff. They do get me and do some walking down the hall to get more exercise. Legs get tired but it is good to work out the muscles. Let people in the church know how I am doing. Thank you for this."


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Friday, January 5, 2018

Prayer concerns

PUERTO RICO: Don't let Puerto Rico slip out of your prayer radar. There are still enormous needs in Puerto Rico, and we need to stand with them, praying for God's provision, mercy, and grace and for multiplied opportunities to spread the Gospel.
CALIFORNIA: Continue to pray for those impacted by the fires in Ventura County. Pray for God's mercy and provision and that hearts will be opened to the Gospel.
PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS: According to VOM, the first request they receive from those being persecuted is for prayer: "Pray that I will serve the Lord faithfully." "Pray for my family's salvation."
MYANMAR: "Tai Tai," a recent Christian convert in Shan state, was killed this past summer because of his Christian faith. Pray for Tai Tai's wife and five children as they mourn his death. Pray that their faith will continue to grow despite their loss.
TAJIKISTAN: Pray for Tajik Muslim-background believer Pastor Bahrom Kholmatov who was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Even though it is not easy, he remains strong. Please pray also for his wife and children.
PAKISTAN: A deadly attack on Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in Pakistan killed at least nine people. Ask God to comfort the church members, and pray that they will be able to hold on to Jesus with all their might. Pray for other Christians in Pakistan as well—not only for physical and spiritual protection but also that their faith and determination to follow Jesus will be strengthened, that they won't allow fear of terrorists to stop them from worshipping together.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Norm, "Thanks!"

Norm Blaisdell is settled into Goldenrod nursing home and doing much better. Our church was able to provided Christmas presents for him and he expresses much "thanks" for our gifts.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Secor house fire

I just received word this morning that the Wichita home of Larry and Jan Secor caught fire overnight. They are safe, but the house and their possessions were badly damaged. I know that they would appreciate your prayers. 

-- Andy Petro

PS, Larry was our DS at one time

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Becky, abdominal pain

Pray for Deb Baldwin's sister Becky, a fellow believer. She has experiencing abdominal hernia pain for sometime now and today is in Des Moines for tests to find the issue.