Saturday, November 3, 2018

Marilyn Stimson Baker passes

Marilyn passed away today... pray for her family and loved ones

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Marilyn Stimson Baker in hospice

Pray for Marilyn who is in the final stages of cancer and under hospice care. She is at peace with our Lord. Pray for her husband and two adult children. Marilyn is Jon Stimson's sister

Bob Younggren, visitation & graveside service

Robert K. Younggren
Age: 90

Sunday, Nov. 4, 2pm
Graveside funeral at Mount Hope Cemetery in Nyman, Iowa

Saturday, Nov 3, 4-6pm
Visitation at Ritchie Funeral Home, Clarinda, Iowa

Condolences and memories may be shared at

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bob Younggren passes away

Bob Younggren (90) passed away on Monday. So grateful for Peggy McAlpin leading him to the Lord. Bob stayed faithful to Jesus, right to the end. I was able to share with him last week and help him prepare for his graduation day. Pray God's comforting grace upon all who love him.

Obituary, Visitation, and Service times to be listed here:

Schilinskis & HHCH in danger; gunfire; moving...

Jake & Holly Schilinski write:

Yesterday was a tough day as we heard about a new missionary in country
that was shot on his way into our city of Bamenda. It was on the same
road we take to Helping Hands Children's Home (only a few miles away).
In fact Jake was meant to be out there yesterday morning but staff had
called and said not to come as they could hear gun fire. Jake has been
unable to get out there since we returned from Yaounde on Friday.
We did not know this family but do know their co-workers and are so
incredibly sad for the family and all they are going through. Please
join us in prayer for this dear family that has sacrificed so much for
the sake of the Gospel.

On Saturday our staff and we had already decided that we need to bring
the children of HHCH into Bamenda as it is just not safe there anymore
with random gun battles going on all around. Now we are hoping to get
them in by this weekend. We are looking for a house to rent. We will be
putting an email update out today with all the details. I will not be
posting it on Facebook, if you aren't on our mailing list already and
would like to receive it, please PM me.

Please keep Cameroon in your prayers, it's hard to believe that this
happened in a country we love so very dearly, and up until a couple
years ago was peaceful. So many people are caught in the middle of this
conflict, so many are suffering, and it is just continuing to escalate.
God is our strength and our fortress, in Him we trust!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

C. I. Johnson

C. I. has been experiencing a lot of severe pain and will soon have back
surgery to help correct the situation. Keep him in your prayers!

Special Meetings, November 9-11

Be sure to set aside Nov 9-11 on your calendar for a time of
Discipleship Equipping with Ray & Cheryl Adams. Open to everyone!

•Friday Night 7pm
•Saturday 8:30am-2:30pm
•Sunday 10:30am Service

We are asking our member to be in prayer for this meeting, and as the
Lord leads, in fasting. Pray that God would mightily use the Adams to
encourage and equip our members for life transformation and
God-glorifying works of service!