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Pic(s) of the Month - Schilinski Family in Cameroon

Serving the Lord in Cameroon... Reaching the lost and needy.

Up and rolling again!

The rains have finally come to West Africa after a long 4-month dry season. It is wonderful to not have dust everywhere anymore and we're grateful for cooler days and evenings. It's a bit like the equivalent of spring as everyone has starting planting their farms, grass is turning from brown to green, and trees and bushes are sending out fresh buds and branches. It is one of our favorite times of the year in Cameroon. 

Praise the Lord the container is out and at Helping Hands Children's Home! Finally, after a 17 and a half hour drive up to Bamenda (less than 200 miles) we had a great celebration!  Jake, the staff, and kids have been busy organizing everything inside.  We are excited for the Vineyard Hall to soon be completed so many of these items inside (books, desks, windows, ect.) can be used.  Thank you to everyone that prayed, donated, and sent us words of encouragement during the two weeks it took to get the container out of the port. This is the 5th time Jake has dealt with the port and got a container out. This was by far the easiest. 
Praying and praising God for the arrival of the container
Pulling down the wall to get to all the things inside of the container
We realized that we hadn't put this in an update yet, that we had only posted it on Facebook. In January we had mentioned we were welcoming Marvin into Helping Hands Children's Home. He was a 14-year-old orphan who was in the final stages of AIDS and severely sick. The doctor fear that if he went back to live with his sister he would not live long. He was only in the orphanage for three weeks (and half of that time was spent in the hospital), but he had been welcomed with open arms into the Home; he already had a special place in all of our hearts. Sadly, Marvin went to be with his Savior February 12th due to liver failure. The doctor had made his rounds an hour before and all seemed well but then he rapidly declined. We rejoice in the fact that he's finally pain-free and has a new body in heaven. Born with a HIV, Marvin's short 14 years here on earth had been filled with much suffering and heartache. It is a startling reminder to us how much need there is in Cameroon and how we should continue to reach out to those in need with the love and light of Jesus.
The strikes are still on going in our region and the SW region. There are still no schools or internet. At least one day a week is mandatory "ghost town" where all businesses are closed, no taxi's moving around, and everyone is expected to remain inside their home. Good news though, we have found a company that could set up a satellite dish in our yard that provides us with slow, expensive internet but at this point we feel that it is worth it. It has been challenging to run a ministry without internet; trying to coordinate with the head office, staying in contact with partners, working out logistics with future volunteers, checking our bank in the States, etc. not to mention staying in contact with family. So for now we have internet again, PTL! Please keep Cameroon in your prayers, it is a difficult season for everyone.
Lastly, because of the ongoing strike we have made the decision to close Faith Bible School indefinitely. For the last 3 months, Win Our Nations has been paying rent and two full time staff with no income from students. We will be moving out of the premises this month and our secretary is on leave for now. Our coordinator will be staying with Win Our Nations to help out with other aspects of the ministry. We hope as soon as the strikes are over that the Bible School can start up again. Please continue to pray.
Thanks again for all your prayers and support as we see the work continue in Cameroon.  We know that God has great plans for this year. 

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Update from the Schilinski Family in Cameroon, Africa.

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