Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rick Lilly, stroke

As you may have heard, it appears that Rick Lilly suffered another stroke over the weekend. Below is the text that Penny posted on Rick's Facebook page yesterday. I know that they would both appreciate our prayers.

-- Andy

* * *

Update on Rick...For all those who have had him in your prayers and heart! He is on the other end of the chaos and we are working on recovery. Saturday he was not feeling well and I took him to UNMC... after much discussion the residents finally took me serious that he did not follow the normal patients manifestations for stroke... He is very fortunate that he has little physical damage but has to rewire expressing himself and writing.. however he can understand and read. So thus I have to make up for his Facebook savvy of which I am not as proficient lol. He will be at the Madonna house for 10 days for specialty rehab which will help him recover the fastest. So if you text him it might be awhile before he can respond ... and I will try to become more proficient on FB... 


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