Friday, June 23, 2017

Help needed at Timber Lakes ASAP -- time sensitive

Our district superintendent, Andy Petro, sends this message: 

As you probably know, Timber Lakes Camp suffered extensive storm damage over the past week, with trees and tree limbs down all over the property. Randall is in great need of timely help. Someone has donated heavy equipment and their time and expertise through Sunday evening, but Randall desperately needs some additional help to take full advantage of that equipment. 

Would you, or  a work team from your church, be able to help between now and Sunday? Again, I can't stress enough that time is of the essence! If you can help, please let Randall know immediately. 

Thank you!

-- Andy

Friday, June 16, 2017

Larry Jones update

After Larry began 'chemo' he became very dehydrated and weak. Today he was transferred to Kansas University Hospital. He has a blood infection and the kidneys have issues... keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Encouragement: Jesus is Winning!

As we reach the mid-point of 2017 what is God saying to us?
There is an overall sense that change is speeding up in all areas of life across the globe, and in ways that are unprecedented. I am convinced that we must look at all of these things from the broader view of what God is doing across the earth, constantly encouraging ourselves of the rapid advance of the kingdom into the final unreached places of the world.
In 1974, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association convened a global gathering in Lausanne, Switzerland. The discussion was the Great Commission. Eighty countries of the 240 in the world sent delegates, which was a great achievement at that time. Ralph Winter stood up at the conference and talked about "unreached people groups." It was a new concept to almost everyone.
Today, just 44 years later we are able to interact with Christian leaders from every country of the world. We have been able to find all of the unengaged, unreached people groups. We know the following about each one:

·    Is the scripture available?
·    Is there a Christian witness?
·    Is there any growing church movement?
·    Is there gospel content available in audio or video formats?
·    Are there full or part-time Christian workers?
·    The primary languages they speak?
·    Religious background?
·    Geographic location?
Together, we are rapidly moving towards engaging every people group on earth!
Let's remind ourselves that we are in the midst of the greatest mission's thrust in church history! There are more believers today than there has ever been, the Bible is available in more languages than ever before. There are moves of God in not only every country of the world, but soon every state and province. In some countries, kingdom movements are down to the city level, even every neighborhood.
You and I have a key role to play in this extraordinary time in church history. We are on the front edge of this global Great Commission advance. In the midst of our busy daily lives, we need to see the bigger picture, "Jesus is winning!"
Your friend and co-worker,

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pray for our national conference

The "Shift National Conference" is July 10-13. Jon Brenneman and I will be attending. This is our denomination's most important gathering, meeting every two years. With it just 4 weeks away, the Missionary Church is calling for a  24/7 week of prayer, July 3-10. Would you join us by signing up for just a one hour time-slot? Simply go to and pick a slot.

If you like, you can connect with others who sign-up for the same slot or so that a church group could participate via conference call or a web site called ZOOM. Our church can meet as a group to pray or individuals can sign-up to pray. The important matter is that we cover this conference in prayer. Prayer guides will be sent to participants. Let's trust God for a move of His Spirit in our midst.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Prayer Needs this week

Larry Jones begins an intensive and extensive chemotherapy for a rare form of bone cancer--beginning today

Today is the start of this week's Youth Camp at the Timber Lakes Camp; Next week is Children's Camp. June 26-30 is our Community Vacation Bible School, in conjunction with the Shambaugh Methodist church. Let's pray for a real 'move of God in these camps and at the VBS for for many to be saved

Comfort for the Hoskins' family in the loss of the family's matriarch, Thelma Hoskins

Jamie Grider is to have hip replacement surgery

Sharon Morgan had thyroid cancer, which was removed but other "spots" being tested. Richard Morgan is having painful tightness in his calf muscles

Norm Blaisdell has a number of health issues; congestive heart, mobility problems, and other things

Over top of everything, let us pray for the Glory of God, the coming of His kingdom, the witness of believers, the salvation of the lost, the transformation and growth of His church. Pray for the outpouring of His Spirit upon us all that we may love Him, obey Him, and bring glory to Him